Salac Greenworld Architects genuine services, reflects the firm’s commitment to quality, excellence, elegance and competitive architecture. Satisfied notable clients gave the company good referrals. Little wonder that from a modest beginning, the company was able to steer their architectural outfit through tests and trials until it gradually grew and blessed with numerous projects.

Architect Evito R. Salac, UAP, AIA,, the Principal Architect of the company, is engaged in the construction industry for over a decade, working with different nationalities both local and international. His previous experiences had developed his sense of values towards work, gained personal confidence and respect for social responsibility. As a prestige General Architectural Private Practitioner, Arch. Salac impressive credentials, competency and capability gained from his Various Projects, Architecture Exposure and Training such as the Continuing Professional Education at Harvard University, Boston Massachusetts, USA, International Experienced at Doha, State of Qatar and Ivory Coast Africa, the Completed Foundation Course of Hospital Planning and Design from DOH Department of Health Hospital Planning and Design, the Master of Arts in Hospital Administration and the International Architecture Tour in different countries such as USA, Dubai, Africa, Singapore, South Korea and Others.

Over the years, Salac Greenworld Architects has been successfully blessed and showcases state-of-the-art projects like Mixed-used Commercials, Institution, Patient Friendly Hospitals, Leisure and Resort, Entertainment, Competitive School, Luxury Residences and many more inside and outside the city. Making a name is not a conscious effort, the company is more concerned with vision, discipline, client care and commitment to excellence – “World-Class Architecture”. The company’s philosophy and principle for success is “Be the best as what you are before God and you’ll be the greatest before men”.


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